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Do you dream of alignment?

Greater health, emotional freedom, happiness and prosperity?


More passion, more energy, and a confidence to navigate your life with ease and grace?


No anxiety. Just trust and a sense of inner fullness?

This is a high frequency dream!

To live this higher vibration, we must consciously shed that which no longer serves us, create new patterns in our minds and hearts and be bold in this pursuit. 

I've created a 6 week One on One program that is designed to help you overcome self-sabotage, transform your mindset, and to re-connect with your own radiant aliveness.

If I can get your commitment for only 6 weeks my promise to you is... 

You will remember how it feels to embody an unshakeable inner confidence and a sense of personal equilibrium that cannot be broken. 

Before you read further about what this 6-week immersion includes, I invite you to gaze over the following list. 

This program is for you if you:

  • suffer with anxiety, depression, unresolved childhood trauma, grief and/or fear of the future.

  • live mostly in your mind and feel disconnected from your heart and body. 

  • desire strong accountability for your emotional healing and spiritual growth. 

  • seek to meet and align with the energy of your highest self.

  • crave a breakthrough in some area of your life.

  • crave the rejuvenation of passion and  purpose in your daily experience.

  • are willing to take responsibility for your life and relationships.

  •  will listen to the hard truths that inevitably arise from shadow work. 

  • are committed to doing weekly meditations and embodiment practices. 

If that resonated, this is what you will be recieving... 

  • Bi-weekly counselling calls that get to the root of limitation and unhealed aspects of self.


  • Consistent accountability and embodiment practices to help you feel confident in your skin. 

  • In-depth astrological analysis to better understand your unconscious triggers, soul desires, and true values.


  • Weekly exercises to integrate discoveries and new awareness.


  • Personalized recorded Guided Meditations to assist the reprogramming of the subconscious mind.


  • Three energy clearing & healing sessions. Can be done in person or Remotely.  Reiki Healing and body work is followed by a Chakra Report and any Spiritual guidance that comes through the session.


  • Unlimited Access to my personal/psychic guidance through e-mail or text during our time together. 

  • A vast sense of inner peace and optimism for the future.