April 2020's Full Pink Super Moon In Libra: Here To Balance your Life and Relationships

On April 7th and 8th 2020, we can look forward to the biggest and brightest full “Super Moon” of the year in Libra. It is also known as the Pink Moon, not because it emanates pink (which would be glorious), but owing its name to the Wild Pink Phlox flowers which bloom in the springtime.

Libra's energy is that of balance, relationships, the delight of socializing, justice and harmony. Despite the inherent beauty and softness of Libra, all full moons represent a sort of breakthrough or letting go energy. They represent the culmination and wrapping-up phase, before moving into a new cycle. Every time the moon is full, it opposes the Sun in its’ opposite sign. This means that while the Moon is full in Libra, the Sun in Aries opposes it. The themes of both signs are relevant for exploration here.

The Aries-Libra axis is energy flowing in opposition. As such, each sign can learn something from the other.

Libra’s need for relationship versus Aries’ independent nature.

Libra’s “peace at all costs” mantra versus Aries “take no shit” lifestyle.

Libra’s love for the arts versus Aries pioneering spirit.

How do we stay present and true to the relationships in our lives while successfully filling our own cup? Remembering the wholeness that we are, to be fountains of love and joy in our relationships, is so very important and needed now.

Given the current state of worldly affairs, we look to one another more than ever for connection, guidance and love. Yet, we are being forced into physical isolation. Perhaps we can use this time to truly discover our needs, and how to calm and self-source our own sense of connection and happiness.

Using others as our gateway drug to happiness is a temporary fix and yet- we might be truly lost in a world without good friends and family. We often learn through our closest relationships, how well we are really caring for ourselves.

"There's one sad truth in life I've found while journeying east and west - The only folks we really wound Are those we love the best. We flatter those we scarcely know, We please the fleeting guest, And deal full many a thoughtless blow To those who love us best. "

Ella Wilcox

It’s incredibly easy to feel like we are disappointing other people close to us, when we’ve forgotten how to nurture our inner light and love ourselves. Sometimes, we fail to recognize and appreciate the other people in our lives and cave into selfishness, distraction and ego. It's challenging to see others clearly when we are wrapped up in our own drama, our own fears and burdensome emotions.

Other times, we pour so much energy into our relationships, that we forget about our own needs and our lives become centered around pleasing. We may start holding resentments and bitter attitudes, but leave these issues lingering below the surface until they explode, surprising everyone around us.

Cultivating a life where we find time for self-care and being present for other people can be a challenge, but it is a worthwhile affair. This may be what this Full Super Moon in Libra is calling us to do. Our connection to wholeness (the “I” that is Aries) can then be shared in healthy relationship (the “us” that is Libra).

We know if we are in “Alignment” if we feel a pervading sense of happiness and contentment. In the words of Abraham Hicks, the essence of who we are is “pure, positive energy.” I like to describe it as an inner sense of fullness. We find this by connecting to our source, the life-force energy within. Only then can we be a fountain for others.

This doesn’t mean if you fall out of happy state, you are bad at taking care of yourself. Quite the opposite. Being with the various emotional waves as they arise is important. However, we don’t need to believe or identify with the negative states of emotion we experience. Remembering our true nature of love, joy, fullness and compassion is the key to move us beyond any internal struggle we may be feeling now.

And so, as we flow through April 2020 and the heated Celestial dance of the Jupiter/Pluto/ Saturn conjunction (read more here), allow this full moon in Libra to enlighten you on your connection to your inner being. How to soothe and be there for yourself through hard times and how to reconnect to a state of equilibrium. The way that you do this will be unique to you.

Strengthen this connection to Self, so you can emerge as a pillar of great strength of joy and love for the people in your life. Use the boldness and independence of the Sun in Aries to be a little bit selfish with your self- care and emotional well- being. But, pick up the phone and call someone. Share in the love that is yours.

It’s all about the balance.

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