Romantic Renditions of the Signs


The inner glow of Aries is child-like and independent and she has striking ways of paving pathways that are unforeseen. Aries travels irreverently towards things others dread in pursuit of that which promises opportunity. The sun goes into Aries during the March equinox, when the days get longer and Spring arrives cordially to give warmth to Aries’ fire. The reckless, adventurous, innocent charms of a happy Aries can sometimes give way to selfishness and brashness, but mostly their emotional impulses are short lived. Aries shines like translucent sunbeams, leaving a resonant impact on those they meet. The skin is bright and youth gleams generously from the whites of their eyes. Aries wears no disguise.


Taurus is a beauty indeed. It is as though the Gods denied themselves a day of rest. Her symmetry invites many wandering eyes. Her senses are heightened and she is fond of her material acquisitions. It would be wise for her to gain more detachment from such. Anything Taurus touches can turn to gold as her way of creating things from the natural world is supreme. This Venusian connection to beauty, grace and nature makes her gleam with an aura that is glistening and pure. She is sensually at ease when warm and fed, and physical touch is her strength. She loves to be touched, needs to be touched. Taurus moves slowly and instinctively, loyally and glamorously.


Gemini’s mind has traveled beyond the sun and back before you have eaten breakfast. Insatiably curious and nimble, she takes the express route to the stars through half -read books, art galleries, cultured friends, and endless conversation. The mind is ever active with sparks of genius that need a grounding source to be utilized. Airy, well-dressed, witty, and amused, Gemini is a wanderer who seeks change. She thrives when her mind is fed, with chitchat, and when she meets her intellectual match. When channelled and grounded, the stream of brilliance that flows through her will be actualized into something concrete. Then the world will see the true vastness that is Gemini. Remember, she is two- not one. Creative and endless, detours and sleepless nights, Gemini will emblazon you with her animation and chaos.


Cancer has a spirit imprinted with the love for home. Cancer’s are the universe’ soft blanket, you can fall upon for peaceful retreat when life is unforgiving. The past functions strongly and nostalgia for childhood or previous lives may cause confusion and longing. The warmth of home, the night, femininity, and the moon figure strongly in the subconscious, as Cancer aches to nurture and be nurtured, to build a home that is the centrepiece of a live well lived and loved. Cancer is said to be the gateway for spirit. The first water sign gives glimpse into unseen realms and an intuitive sense spoken through dreams and vague impressions. Misty blue psychic hues wash over Cancer with a renewed sense of sight and stirs a quest to lead a life beyond the limits of the physical. Moody, understanding, devoted and hard at work, Cancer is accustomed to living in the emotions and is a glowing shelter to anyone who needs sweetness.


Leo is the vital source of life energy. Ruled by the sun, Leonine energy emits blinding fire into the darkest corners and alleyways of the soul. You can sense her from a far. The charm in her possession is universal, it rarely fails and there is unabashedly prideful nature that encourages leaps of faith and a need to be seen, heard, and understood. Leo must express the inner paradise that lives in her heart as she radiates golden love energy and brings colour and music into grey and solemn scenes. She is a natural mother, with a flair for the dramatic. She is connected to the child within. Never so beautiful was a woman in touch with her infinite vitality, youth, expansion. and freedom. Her heart grows boundlessly as the arrow of time carries her home.


Virgo is hypnotic in her way of romanticizing the mundane. Healing comes naturally and service is embarked on as the purposeful path. Virgo lives a life of practical elegance, and whose mind blooms when greeted with wit, intellect and humour. She can be difficult and nervous, picky and argumentative but know that her heart is pure. She transforms chaos into beauty and spaciousness, building a spiral staircase into her spiritual kingdom. Here you will find books, oils, herbs, journals, fruits and gems, all to be indulged in after a hard day’s work. Your invite is pending.


An airy grace of charm and intellectual fervor swirls from Libra’s glossy eyes. She sways a crowd through sheer diplomacy and sweetness, while her innocent beauty mesmerizes. Libra does best in relationship, striving to balance out her other half and correcting the idiosyncrasies in her environment. Present, is a deep love for nature and the adornment of herself and others, with jewels and fabrics that enhance her inner glow. Libra beckons debate and curiosity fills her up with gladness. Libra is a social delight, though she can fall prey to dependency and gossip. On the higher end, Libra possesses an innate sense of justice. Her ability to view things from all angles, sweetly bridges together that which seems discordant, creating a unified front of understanding and equilibrium.


Scorpio is elementally at ease in the darkness and in the light. She is the Queen of Cups, a channel for transformation, and delves wholly into the hidden alleyways of the raw emotion, sexuality, and what is unconscious. The tragic has a way of following Scorpio, and there is a fated quality to her life. The struggle rinses over her like a wave, serving to cleanse her emotional body and the demons that have enthralled her mind. It is struggle that transfuses brightness inside Scorpio’s etheric body and which clears the connection to the higher self. The burden of a ruthless ego is lessened and the soul gains in its power. Scorpio rises like a phoenix, emerging with a crystallized awareness of her purposeful path and the promise that it holds. A master healer, attuned to the unseen, Scorpio can trust her instincts to transmute the unruly into opportunity.


Imagine a dazzling, incandescent, beaming light pirouetting through the heavens. This is Sagittarius, whose mind is constantly stretched by her expansive vision. She craves to dance in the whirlpool of life’s endless experiences, soaking in the sun’s glory and integrating the vastness of the world’s wisdom. Sagittarius energy is meant to be seen, admired, and shared as she carries Jupiter’s energy whose purpose is boundless expansion. Sagittarius radiates brilliantly, moves purposefully, and unswervingly says what she means. She is quick to act, with a knack for creation and a deep affiliation with animal spirits whose love makes each cell in her body sing. Sagittarius is fire, bringing in the future, leading and lighting the way for those who are lost. Her flame is powerful and can sometimes burn, but her inner nature seeks tirelessly to create what is new and fresh, and that which brings growth and wholeness.


Capricorn is all about her business. Fiercely independent, but loyal when coupled, Capricorn’s roots dig deep and ground her to the earth more than any other sign. She has an innate sense of responsibility to provide for those she loves and make something of herself. She will not be satisfied if not motivated by some grander purpose which positions her in a status that is to be looked on with admiration. An enviable work ethic and the divine skill for concentration is a quality that makes her destiny for success! She rides the tide of opportunity and climbs the ladder to the top echelon of society where brilliant minds and innovative souls bask in the gleaming and polished surroundings they have found themselves in. A deep loyalty exists for those wonderful people she lets into her circle, who serve to balance out some of the stubbornness of her nature with other elements such as water.


Aquarius likes to do the opposite of what you tell her to. She is hopelessly hard to pin down, for even though her sign is fixed, she is inconsistent in a reliable fashion. The sun is slightly uncomfortable in Aquarius as it rules collective ideals and group associations. The sun is focused on the individual will and so, having the sun in Aquarius makes one tuned in to causes bigger than one’s self. Aquarius may go through periods of feeling disoriented of who she really is, as she seeks out higher goals for humanity, but forgets who she is at an individual level. Balancing the needs of oneself and the drive to serve the collective through her attitude of innovation, is essential to feel a sturdy sense of grounding. Aquarius intuition can serve her remarkably and she has lightning fast realizations into “the mind of God”. These sudden epiphanies can strike her, especially during a Uranus transit to her personal planets. She should trust these visions that bring her to higher levels of awareness and that remove her from her limited subjective perception. Rebellion is important to drive things forward but rebellion for rebellions sake should be re- assessed.  A partner that feeds her airy and intelligent curiosity and offers a unbounded measure of freedom would care for this fascinating creature quite well.


Pisces is the mystic, the visionary, the artist, the one is tuned in to the vastness of what the cosmos represents. She can be soft and yielding, often to a fault, and should learn how to protect her energy field. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, that which embodies the collective unconscious. This give Pisces the gift of empathy as she sees herself in every person, but can often take on the struggles of those around her. Alone time is essential to sort through the changeable array of emotional experiences she has from dawn to dusk. Here she will connect with her imagination that soars through the higher planes of existence, blessing her with the gift of vivid visuals when she closes her eyes. The gateways to other dimensions are more open for Pisces, and she can often get swept away. She sometimes lives in a land of distance, aloof and unreachable, but rest assured that this vulnerability too, gives her strength. She is capable of extreme sacrifice and her love nature is felt strongly and romantically. Get lost in her, and she will open for you, new doors.

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