The Astrology of April 2020: Imagining a New World into Being

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

The incredible shifts in energy that we have been experiencing thus far in the year of 2020 are only going to continue ramping up in their intensity. The rare Astrological alignment that we will explore in this passage has great power to stir up the status quo, unearth outmoded ways of being and assist in the integration of massive change through imaginative means. What appears to be “devastation”, is actually an opening. A grand opportunity to illumine and reform our perspectives, and to physically anchor in new structures that represent tangible spiritual progress of humankind. The Jupiter- Saturn-Pluto Conjunction occurring on April 4th at 24 degrees Capricorn will have long lasting effects in April and beyond, as the alignment phases in and out 3 times during 2020. We are being beckoned, called & summoned, to a life of greater significance and integrity.

On January 12, 2020, Saturn and Pluto formed a tight conjunction in the sign of Capricorn. To understand these incredible archetypal forces at work and how they shape our experience of the world, we must acknowledge the individual energetic force of each planet. Let’s begin with Jupiter who joins the Saturn/Pluto conjunction on April 4th.

Jupiter is the natural ruler of the sign Sagittarius. When you hear of Jupiter, think optimistic, truthful, philosophical, wise and expansive. Everything Jupiter touches, it will energetically amplify and create growth. Saturn, in contrast is quite opposite. As the natural ruler of Capricorn, Saturn represents the Taskmaster, the Archetypal father- the one who is concerned with the way things are structured, who maintains tradition. Saturn gives form and stability and is concerned with consistency and longevity. Pluto, on the other hand, has no taste for stability. Pluto’s only concern is to experience the essence of something; the drive to strip away everything that is not it’s rawest form. Pluto transforms, and watches everything crumble that is not of integrity, that which is of the ego. Pluto is the drive to experience the soul.

Together, these three powerhouse planets in conjunction represent a wild, tumultuous and metamorphic ride for humanity. As our world’s economy seems to be at a screeching halt, we will notice that things are simply not as they used to be. A global pandemic has forced us into our homes to spend time in Isolation (Saturn at play). During this time of Isolation many of us have been out of a job and stability is being threatened (Pluto Vs. Saturn). The economy at large is being severely affected and many of the institutions and businesses that we so rely upon are being overburdened as others collapse completely. People are being forced to re-think their social and material goals at this time. Things that used to matter simply don’t anymore (Pluto at play). We are, in essence, being taken through a mass “humbling” process. Where there has been an inflation of the ego and the “me Vs. you” mentality, embedded in the very structure of how society operates, we are realizing more than ever how vital we are to one another. The truth of inter relatedness emerges; that our health us dependent on everyone else. That our wealth is dependent on everyone else! (Thank you, Jupiter!)

All of the radical shifting and rapid change reflecting the Saturn/Pluto conjunction that began in January, is now being joined by benevolent Jupiter on April 4th. Jupiter will be infusing lightness, creativity and hope to our current state of worldly affairs. As we observe that things are not as they once were, Jupiter’s presence will imaginatively assist us in creating a new way forward. This means, becoming receptive to alternative ways of being in society- working, living, connecting and everything else. Jupiter is the assistance that will expand our imaginative capacities and open the new doors for us, as we navigate these strange and unprecedented times. So some questions you could be asking yourself now right now are, “How wide can I open? How expansive can I allow myself to be? What truthful insight wants to make itself available to me?”

This conjunction with Jupiter will usher in the feelings of collective openness, to receiving the visions necessary to anchor in a new way of being and of relating to each other and this planet on every level. The very structure in which society operates, the way we do business, the services we provide, the way we observe ourselves and our connections to others are all being reformed now. Now is your opportunity to be receptive and resourceful in the midst of great change. To allow your imagination to be ignited and to obliterate the belief that things will go back to the way they once were. We are, as a collective, connecting to a more real, raw and authentic way of living. As a mirror, our structures will have to be reformed to support this evolutionary process.

So, my big piece of advice for this beautifully intense conjunction, is this. Be receptive. Challenge yourself to faithfully open wide. Open wide to your imagination and what it is trying to communicate with you. A new consciousness is emerging because it is needed. It is needed to pave the way forward in these uncertain times. It is our job to simply receive what is necessary of us to move forward, through great faith, trust and imagination, to build and anchor in a new way…

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