My name is Lauren Alexandra Mulhern and I am an Intuitive Healer and Transformational Life Coach.  


I am certified in Reiki Energy Healing, and have been a student of Astrology for over 10 years now.

Coaching is a highly intuitive process for me, and is therefore designed based on the unique needs of whomever I'm working with.

We are all multi-dimensional beings, capable of many experiences, expressions and emotions.


There is never a telling for how a circumstance will play out, because free will is always at play and the future is constantly shifting according to it.


There is, however, inclinations towards certain experiences and personality in each lifetime, governed by one's Astrological Blueprint.


Recognizing your unique archetypal roles and working with your energy, rather than letting it dictate your experiences, is an important aspect of your healing process, and that's why Astrology and Reiki matter to me.

With the tools I use in my practice, my clients become more of themselves. 

They become empowered, and they take up space. 

For the past 5 years, I've been bringing my passion for Intuitive Insight to people from all around the world, with all sorts of belief systems.  As a result, I've witnessed others heal their hearts, strengthen their resolve and uplift their lives from a quite often painful past.

I have always been deeply fascinated in uncovering the mysterious in myself, others and the universe, and holding others in their healing process, as they come to terms with some of their most burdensome emotions, thoughts and patterns. This journey continues to be a profound experience for me.

Learn more about my story and why I use the tools I use, below.

Why Astrology?

{ Your Unique Archetypal Role }

As a teenager, I never shied away from psychological inquiry. 


That curiosity eventually led me to Astrology, where I began to see and know how the nuances of my own Astrological Birth Chart played out in my multi-dimensional experience - as a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being. 


I began to see how the inconsistencies and paradoxes I found within myself are meant to be embraced and expressed, rather than shunned and suppressed.


Astrology has been a wonderful tool for revealing my archetypal role and guiding me towards my life's mission as a Healer, Writer, Speaker and Collaborator for the Greater Good.


Now, I use Astrology to assist me in understanding the unconscious psychological complexes of those I work with, in order to encourage them to own the multi-dimensional aspects of their own being, and to help them accept the ‘shadow’ aspects of their personality.


This makes way for deeper integration and healing, and illuminates their lives for the better.

Why Reiki?

{ Working With Your Energy }

My first experiences with Energy Healing were brought on by a great loss I suffered in 2013.


A dear lover and friend of mine, passed away suddenly and without warning. 


This fractured my heart, the foundation of my life, and everything I knew to be true.  


Life as I knew it began to dissolve from beneath me. I felt truly stripped, deeply vulnerable, extremely weak, and had no choice but to surrender to the confusion and grief.


I kept reminding myself to let this pain purify my heart, and would repeat that statement to myself regularly. This simple statement became my mantra for healing, for years following his passing. 


I spent many months in solitude and nature, asking God to open my heart and show me how to deal with my unfathomable loss.


I felt connected to the unseen realms in a new and refreshing way, and once I allowed myself to surrender to them, was filled with Divine Love.


The grief carved out spaciousness within me. I was now overflowing with energy and the drive to be of service.

Becoming certified in Reiki made me more aware of how to gently heal myself and let go of the remaining pain that was still lingering in my body, preparing me for my journey in healing and assisting others.

As my practice evolved, I began to recognize the importance of body work in the energy healing process and began using a more hands on approach to move and clear energy.

I recently began exploring distance Energy Healing with great success, and it’s given me the mobility and freedom to be present for people all around the globe.

With the help of Divine Guidance, I’m able to move dull and toxic energy out of your body, inviting spaciousness and deep healing for recovery, transformation and empowerment.

Why Work With Me?

Whether you’re seeking counselling around burdensome emotions, striving towards a deeper sense of self-awareness or on the brink of a profound personal transformation, my guidance will offer you the means to discover what you need to move forward in confidence.


Let’s work together to dissolve and release the density of long-held self-limiting emotions and beliefs that have become entangled in your physical and energetic body, and raise your vibration.

Benefits include…


   A glimpse into where your true fulfillment lies,

   A renewed sense of purpose, hope and optimism,

   An exploration of the practical applications of your natural gifts and abilities

   An understanding of where healing is needed and also of where it can be found,

   More energy,

   Greater alignment, 

   A new-found openness to opportunity and abundance, 

   A quantum leap in consciousness, 

   A strengthened auric field,

   Enhanced clarity and focus,

   Childlike joy,

   Inner balance,

   Creative surges, 


…and so much more!

B O O K   M E